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Base system

If you need a website for introduce/sell your product, service etc the Wordpress is the best solution for you. Quick, clean job, easy admin dashboard.
You can edit text contents and content images in administration board.
Best option for: Company, brand, organisation, artist, e-commerce, other websites without custom functions.


Would you like to sell products?
If you need e-commerce solutions on your website, check the box below.


If you need custom functions and features on your website (social, multi user,payment gateway,custom admin dashboard etc.. ), this is the best option.
This price includes only the base features, 1500$ is the minimum price for a custom website. We will discuss the details.


If you don't need base system, only a static website or you need convert image to HTML this is the right option.
Sometimes clients need only convert a template to a HTML or Wordpress template, choose this option if you would like this.



Do you have a ready to use template?
We can use that, or I can help you find a pre-made template in Themeforest.


Do you have a design plan in image format? I can convert it to satic HTML/Javascript page, or to Wordpress template.

The first page is 300$, additional pages 100$/page.

If you need a design plan, we need discuss it's price. You can use pre-made templates (5-55$) or you can use custom design (100$-..).

Additional requirements

Your custom price is: 0$

Project description

What are the primary objectives and goals for the project? Menu structure, website features, similar websites, design, other requirements.
Example brief by HeliosDesign

Project files

Please upload the all files regarding the project. Design plans, briefs, other documents, contract ...