Royaleboost LoL Boosting Site - Custom PHP / Realtime API

A website for League of Legend gamers. They can pay for boost their characters.

On the order page ( you can add you LoL player's name and the server, then an AJAX request pulls the data of the character.

The customer can set, what is the desired rank/games/wins etc..

An AngularJS script updates the UI based on the user intreactions

The customer can pay with PayPal

After pay, the customer can log in to the dashboard and wait for a Booster.

After a Booster claimed an order, the customer can chat (AngularJS chat) with a booster.

The customer can follow the progress, history, statistics.

Booster can claim an order and see the account details what the client provided into a form

The Manager can follow all order's progress, claim or delete a Booster.

The Manager can pay for the Booster, and follow the payment history.

The whole website is based on custom PHP.

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