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Hi! My name is Peter!

I'm a website developer musician photographer digital nomad project manager cyberpunk drummer

I started coding when I was 7 years old.
I play on drums, and produce electronic music.
I love pets, go to travel, and take some pictures.
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My Personality

Reliable: 10/10
Accurate: 10/10
Open minded: 10/10
Precise: 10/10
Creative: 10/10

My Knowledge

PHP: 10/10
HTML: 10/10
CSS: 10/10
Javascript: 10/10
Wordpress: 10/10

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My Projects & Jobs

Royaleboost LoL Boosting Site - Custom PHP / Realtime API Preview:

A website for League of Legend gamers. They can pay for boost their characters.

On the order page (https://www.royaleboost.com/boosting/) you can add you LoL player's name and the server, then an AJAX request pulls the data of the character.

The customer can set, what is the desired rank/games/wins etc..

An AngularJS script updates the UI based on the user intreactions

The customer can pay with PayPal

After pay, the customer can log in to the dashboard and wait for a Booster.

After a Booster claimed an order, the customer can chat (AngularJS chat) with a booster.

The customer can follow the progress, history, statistics.

Booster can claim an order and see the account details what the client provided into a form

The Manager can follow all order's progress, claim or delete a Booster.

The Manager can pay for the Booster, and follow the payment history.

The whole website is based on custom PHP.

Royal Limousine Website Preview:

EasyConference Website Preview:


Custom Wordpress Theme from scratch

Custom Post Types

Custom settings

Custom url rewrite for language switcher

E-mail sender plugin with template editor

Seldo - Classified Ad System Preview:

Custom classified ad system

Ellatoter Website / ERP / Booking System Preview:

Booking System

Google Calendar Sync


Bernard Dinata - Website Preview:

Kinotip - Movie share website Preview:

Muzax - Social Page for Musicians Preview:

Against PR - Record Label (iMozy) Preview:

Alacarteachers - Language teaching portal Preview:

Fekete Kutya (Pet Store) Website Preview:

QUUUB Club Card Website / Shop Preview:

Luby Kastle Website and Webshop Preview:

Studio 1.0 Website Preview:

Floorpan drawer and Data organiser Preview:

UBIK Festival Website Preview:

Tabulaplaza Organisation website / websop Preview:

Laszlo Kovacs website Preview:

OhMyGift - Woocommerce Webshop Preview:

Music Shop - Wooccommerce Demo Preview:


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What Client’s Say

My Photos & Memories

Nikon D7100, 35mm,80-120mm,10.1mm

I started take photos in 2014, my first camera was D5100 with stock lenses.
If you would like to see more photos please click the link below.

See my Photo Gallery Website!

My Music & Collabs

Studio works Recordings Edits Masters Remixes Mixtapes

Would you like collab with me? Send me an e-mail!
More music on Soundcloud.

Ellátótér Artist Support Services

I'm the leader and founder of Ellátótér associacion.
Ellátótér is a place for artists (especially musicians) where they can practice, hang, learn etc..
We are in center of Budapest, near Király street and Oktogon sqare.
We have three fully equipped rehearsal rooms, a club and chill place and a recording & mastering studio.
Go to Ellátótér's Website

Book Now!
Book our rehearsal room online

Choose a room

Fill the form

come and have fun...

My Video Shoots & Edits

Video recording and cutting experiments

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  • Wordpress CMS
  • Premade Template
  • 1-5 Page
  • No custom plugins
    or post types


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  • Wordpress CMS
  • HTML to PSD Template
  • 1-2 Page
  • Custom post types
    and template customization


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  • Unique system
  • HTML to PSD Template
  • Custom Admin Dashboard
  • Custom functions, features
  • API

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